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Não se expresse - não seja você mesma(o)

The science of silence in emotional abuse

I believe this image represents Hamlet's verbal abuse of his loved ones. Throughout the play he abuses those who try to help him such as his mother and Ophelia. No matter how kind or understanding they are he finds a way to turn it on them and insult them. At some points its just an act to use them in his own ploys and at other times it may be due to a legitimate psychological disorder.

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This emotionally-jarring PSA lets shoppers see themselves as heroes for hungry children. Maybe this will encourage them to spare a small bit of the massive amount of food they buy to give to less-fortunate kids.

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➰ NEGATIVE Archetype of the Sacral Chakra —The Martyr is critical, sour, controlling and needy. She creates based on the belief in lack, an idea that something is missing. She seeks to 'fix' at all cost to herself. She will do anything to make a situation whole, but she does not include herself. So every attempt she makes at creation is a creation where others benefit while she sacrifices herself. She refuses to see that a way is already made, with or without her.

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Day Dreams – As últimas fotografias do Instagram surreal de Charlie Davoli

Entre colagens e pinturas, inspirado pelo retrô e influências futuristas, as suas imagens ganham um efeito muito especial.

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Um registro para sempre: 35 fotos que contam a história do século 20

Às vezes, uma simples imagem pode dizer mais sobre a história do que a própria história. Todas estas fotografias mostram figuras históricas ou acontecimentos que de certa forma nos ajudam a testemunhar o passado. Confira: