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Danger below

Eu gosto de polvo...

♏ Scorpio is the turbulent water surge, frozen in Fixed quality, wrapped in conflict with the combative Mars propelling the deep frenetic thrust into the underworld with noxious Pluto. The Scorpio island is the nuclear battlefield, wrestling with Mars and Pluto. Fire and Water the mixture within, beautiful, yet destructive, sumptuous Ubiquity

Minjae Lee é um jovem artista Sul Coreano cujo trabalho é cheio de cores fortes, cenas agressivas e uma inteligente mistura entre beleza e inocência.

"Octopus" by Daniela Alejandra Silva Hidd.

Large Original Landscape Painting-15x30 in-Hold The Dream - Please see close Ups - angiec tree haunting surreal painting

Dobrý nápad, jen ne do šibenice, ale klasicky

Pinturas de Alfons Maria Mucha!

Mucha >>> aka Alphonse Mucha, Czech Art Nouveau artist of the early 20th century. I've never previously bothered to look into his work much - busy rectifying that right now. I like this one.

Amazing watercolor painting of an octopus and gears by Chloe Yingst. The commissioned piece is entitled "Sofia."