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Rahonavis ostromi por Julio Lacerda. Rahona es una divinidad malgache: los restos del espécimen tipo se encontraron en la Formación Maeverano del norte de Madagascar. Uno de los muchos dromeosaúridos paravianos de finales del cretácico.

Herrerasaurus attempting to escape from a Saurosuchus in late Triassic Argentina

Elasmosaurus set by seleneyue

LIOPLEURODON was the biggest plesiosaur. Liopleurodon was not a dinosaur, but a short-necked plesiosaur (a pliosaur), an extinct, swimming reptile. It lived during the late Jurassic period in Europe and Eastern Europe. It was a carnivore which ate fish,ichthyosaurs, and other plesiosaurs. 39 to 49 feet (12-15 m) long. It had a long body with a large head, a short neck, powerful jaws and teeth, and four long, wide, paddle-like flippers. The skull was 10 feet (3 m) long.

My baby zebra shark hatched out overnight! - Bernard Ryefield Imgur. Congratulations! He's gorgeous!

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Mark Witton Another Wealden ornithomimosaurs update. Now w. juveniles and gregariousness (evidence for this in lots of species).