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Da Crisálida à Borboleta (From chrysalis to butterfly): Boas maneiras em casa...

Sam is one and a half year old male lab mix. He is a little special and needs heart worm treatment done to save this sweet boys life. He is a very gentle dog who has some of the best leash manners. I need a home with new friends that will love me as much as I love them. Sam will be here waiting for his new forever best friend.

These Valentine's Day activities for preschoolers are super fun! From math to art to science and more, these heart activities are educational and engaging.

Деловой этикет руководителя чай

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Make vibrant "tie-dyed" heart sun catchers to brighten up a window with this easy art process! Kids of all ages will love this simple but stunning project!

SKY - A1101489 - - Brooklyn TO BE DESTROYED 01/23/17 A volunteer writes: This petite girl won my heart by instantly getting the hang of Sit, with just a gentle word and no treats! (Her cute little eye patch and wiggly gait didn’t hurt either.) For such a young dog, Sky seems to have been tutored by Miss Manners herself: She seems housebroken, doesn’t pull on the leash, takes treats gently, looks back often to reassure me we’re still a team, and is so calm

From the Heart of the World - The Elder Brother's Warning

On purifying the Heart: "I begin by starting with the heart of beginnings, for it is the highest and noblest of beginnings. Have courtesy with God, the High and the Majestic, by practicing modesty and humility— Dejected out of shame and humility humbled in awe, imploring Him— By giving up your designs for His, emptied of covetousness for what His servants have, By hastening to fulfill His commands, and by being wary of the subtle encroachment of bad manners. If you—the spiritual…

The heart chakra influences all manners of love for both others and ourselves. Self love stems from the same place that our relationship quality does. they influence one another and healing your chakras will heal relationship problems as well as many other things. clearing Energy blocks is an essential part of self care and healthy living

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