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Explora Ótimo Motivo, 3 Rir e outros!

de Lewis Howes

How to Think, Train and Thrive Like a Champion

Easy Solutions for Overcoming Your Inner Resistance

El tercer hombre siempre es motivo de discordia. ¿Cierto? | «Dejen la muerte a los profesionales».

Watch TED Curator Chris Anderson's Top Five TED Talks

A collection of 8 Ted Talks about How we make choices | Playlist |

Great "going into Fall" look. No way I'm going with no sleeves and toes open in New England though, I'll have to make an adjust or two. #PersonalLeadership #Women

de Vitals

The Unique Difficulties that Women Face with Weight Loss

If you're a woman who has tried to lose weight, you may have noticed something: it's hard. Much harder than simply cutting your calories and watching the weight fall off.

Today Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” In honor of this recognition I’ve collected a …

Your Brain On LSD | IFLScience--For some people, they’re the recipe for one heck of a party. For others, they’re dangerous, one-way tickets to trouble that deserve their illegal status. But regardless of how people view them, and whether or not governments and policy makers like to admit it, psychoactive drugs are starting to show great promise as effective therapies for various mental health problems, and could well be a key to furthering our understanding of consciousness.

Our consciousness is a fundamental aspect of our existence, says philosopher David Chalmers: “There’s nothing we know about more directly…. but at the same time it’s the most mysterious phenomenon in the universe.” He shares some ways to think about the movie playing in our heads.