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Super Rocker: Seu ídolo do rock vestido de super-herói ! "Super Ozzy" \m/ "Batman trema de medo ou perderá as asas!!!!" ‪#‎89ILUSTRA‬ / A Rádio Rock "SUPER ROCKER", ‪#‎Ozzy‬, ‪#‎Superman‬

09/03 Today's Tarot Meditation Insight: The more you build up shields out of fear, emotional or otherwise, you trap the cause of that fear within yourself. Break down the walls and focus on healing your inner-self and what causes the anxiety in the first place. ~ Click the link and read all of today's message.

08/25 Today's Tarot Meditation Insight: Today is a good day to do your own thing. Get outside and recharge your batteries. Take a walk, sit in the sun and drink some tea, balance your energies. The Universe will spin with or without your personal interpretation. So allow others to spin their wheels and fall into the darkness of their own fear. You won’t save them by arguing. And you don’t need to fall into the pit with them. ~ Click the card to read all of today's message.

08/24 Today's Tarot Meditation Insight: You don’t need to hide and worry yourself through the night in trepidation for what may never happen. With experience comes wisdom and the knowledge that fear is destructive and useless. Stop focusing on what you might lose, or what you may not have and focus on your strengths. ~ Click the card to read all of today's message.