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They ask me what it's like to publish mature literary fiction as a young adult. “Youth is an ageless thing.” Harlow — and a heart that loves is young forever.

Help me to be still Lord; to turn off the busyness, the noise & all that distracts me from you, your love & your peace. help me to be okay with that which I may not get done or accomplished. teach me to quiet my soul & find rest.

I need this. Almost a reminder to be happy because I'm young and have a long, good life ahead of me. Maybe not with the feathers though

“My Birthday tattoo ✌️✔️ #unicorntattoo#unicorn#tattoo#blackink#pony #carpetbombingink#tattooist_nini#thx 이쁘게 해주셔서 감사해요!! 생각보다 안아프다 큰일이다 몇개 더 할기세 ㅋㅋ”

Memorial tattoo for my grandmother, the woman who taught me to sew. Addictive Expressions Tattoo, Kinzers, PA

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Caveira Mexicana Tattoo

Tatuagem de Caveira Mexicana | realista no braço

Really great statement of faith in Jesus!!