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Gah!!! This one applies to at least three Pinterest folders!!! What do I do!?!?!?

Haha. My bank once froze my account because they thought I had died...??? It was all very strange and no one knew why it happened.

My favorite part of the Ama's was seeing the people trying to sing and Dance to the rhythm but at the same time not knowing what was going on


Haunting time.

You are a ghost. No one can hear you, see you, or feel you. Recently, you've started to haunt a college student around your age. They'd be your best friend if you could only communicate, you're sure of it. And then, one day, they look up and ask you "why do you keep following me?"

I honestly don't give a flying shoe about what pronoun you prefer, but "they" is a plural! It just confuses the reader

I would do all the crazy stuff, but pretend it was movies on a network TV channel named "Doll TV". So whenever I would start to play or would get back from the bathroom or whatever, I would act like a commercial break had just ended, and I would have to say Doll TV's slogan: "Our mouths may not move, but our movies have groove!"

When ppl say that I tell them to stay in their lane

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