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Use pipocs para explorar conceitos matemáticos e científiicos... Use popcorn to explore basic math and science concepts, like volume!

Biology Lab: Testing Foods for Organic Compounds. High school students really enjoy this lab. It provides great reinforcement of biochemistry concepts as well as good lab procedures.

Great for recycling and Earth Day project!

These student-centered, guided inquiry lessons enable students to construct their own understanding concepts common to high school chemistry courses. Students actively learn the material without lecture or note taking. States of Matter, Classification of Matter, Changes & Properties of Matter, Measurement, Significant Figures, Density Calculations, Early Models of the Atom, Protons, Electrons, and Neutrons, Isotopes & Atomic Mass, The Bohr Model & Light, The Quantum Atom, Naming & Formulas

Simetria Atividade Matemática Ensino Fundamental

I love this ecosystem interactive notebook for my students. It contains food webs, food chains, energy pyramids, and more. Part of the Earth Science interactive notebook series. Great interactive journal projects for 4th grade - middle school.

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Discover a great way for students to visualize life science vocabulary with a complete word wall.

Block Math Activities

Mitosis activities for interactive science notebooks

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