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IMAGINA TODOS ALINHADINHOS 61074574829 XRxgAJDc l 1 25 Beautiful and modern poster designs for your inspiration

I like how they used the tip of the pencil to recreate the shape of a mountain - thus providing new persepctive

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Posters gráficos para os indicados a melhor filme no BAFTA 2016

Um belo trabalho de Levente Szabó com direção de arte de Paul Willoughby para os 5 filmes concorrentes a melhor filme no BAFTA 201662c8a033674846

Les Chaussettes Musicales ! Je note ce nouveau jeu pour ma prochaine lessive de chaussettes... noires bien sûr !

Love these city posters inspired by airline tickets. Need more than one, of course.

I love the simple style of this poster and how an image is made just using the hand and the screw. I think that it works well with the space and there is a focus point in the middle of the design.


the Slighted via @pristinaorg


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Berlin Posters

:: Berlin Poster - Remy Sanchez ::


Identidade Visual do "Motion Theater"

Identidade Visual do “Motion Theater”