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Murderers of Taiji, Japan. These merciless butchers drive entire pods of Dolphin & small Whale during the months of September to March every year averaging around 2,000 Cetacea. They claim their practice is part of 'tradition' and 'heritage' however this has only been occurring since around 1968 when the demand for Dolphins for 'Marine Parks' AKA prisons needed to extort the Mammals for 'entertainment'... And earn money at the expense of their exploitation.

Quero um filhotinho só pra mim :p

The amazon river dolphins are born gray and become pinker with age. They are quite solitary animals, and are found in the main fresh water rivers of the Amazon and Orinoco river systems of tropical South America. Their habitat is threatened by pollution, damming, boat traffic, and by man through directly killing them for food or sport or destruction of their habitat.

If the one on the left one shock you first then...

diving with dolphins - Stop the Dolphin and Orca Slaughter NOW

Cada partido vai receber, nas próximas legislativas, 3,15 euros por cada voto individual

Dolphins are being killed as we speak!