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golfinhos mortos na enseada

HELP SAVE US! Every day, hundreds of dolphins in Peru are harpooned, chopped up, & skinned alive to be used as shark lures. Despite Peru's legislature outlawing dolphin killings in 1996, enforcement is so lax that up to 10,000 dolphins are still slaughtered every year! Tell PERUVIAN PRESIDENT & LEGISLATURE: Enforce the ban on dolphin meat & prosecute fisherman who kill them illegally! PLZ Sign & Share!

Obrigado Humanos: Puma Concolor é oficialmente declarado extinto

Cada partido vai receber, nas próximas legislativas, 3,15 euros por cada voto individual

If the one on the left one shock you first then...

Links Between the Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji and the Faroe Islands

Dolphins are being killed as we speak!

Cove 101: A Primer on Taiji, Japan's Senseless Dolphin Slaughter

golfinhos mortos por arpões e facas

Is There Hope for Taiji’s Dolphins? What We’ve Learned From This Year in The Cove http://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/is-there-hope-for-taijis-dolphins-what-weve-learned-from-this-year-in-the-cove/

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