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O "Heaven Can Wait ( Clube de swing ) – Private Parties”, surge neste novo capítulo com uma nova equipa, dinâmica e muito liberal, para dar um pequeno “refresh” ao que já era bom e assumir o que sempre fomos, um clube de excelência! Aqui preservamos o verdadeiro conceito da Amizade, não nos vemos apenas como mais um clube onde impera o conceito empresa/cliente. Temos um espaço acolhedor, com várias opções e ambientes distintos, de modo a poder proporcionar a todos, uma proposta ideal para…

Jeff Ritter GolfPunk's very own Sultan of Swing helps you with a tip to improve your iron play.

Pronation In the Golf Swing - Supination, Too Golfers who like to go into technical matters concerning the golf swing love to talk about wrist cock. That's fairly simple concept to understand. The left wrist (for a right-handed golfer) bends to the right, in the direction of the thumb, and the right wrist hinges backward in the direction of the forearm. That's all there is to wrist cock. Then they hear about pronation and supination, and the plot thickens. These terms are easy to…

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Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal

Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal #travel #ttot #wanderlust

1940s New Orleans jazz night club Like if someone were to start dancing it would be real close to the patrons, very intimate vibe


Yamaha XS400 - Real Moto Co

Yamaha XS400 by Real Moto Co.. If you're putting together a basic rock band it's not too hard to work out the pieces to the puzzle; at a minimum you need a singer with a sick set of pipes, an axe man to rock out and someone to swing the sticks on the skins. So if you're following the same minimalist formula what do you need to form a small custom workshop to create brilliant builds and...


Yiliqi Women 1950'S A-Line Sleeveless Pleated Picnic Dress Party Cocktail Dress (Deep Blue)

YiLiQi Women 1950's A-Line Sleeveless Pleated Picnic Dress Party Cocktail Dress (Deep Blue) - Brought to you by

You can do all the golf drills in the world but if your hand path is wrong for the first foot of your swing everything else is a compensatory move to square the clubface at impact. If you haven't considered hand path as critical fundamental in golf then you need to think again! KPJ shows the right and the wrong way to take the club (hands) back, indeed this affects the clubhead and the entire rest of the swing. Click on the picture to read the full article. #gameinglove