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“ Sometimes, when Robin is being extra annoying, Wally will glare at him and say “You’re a Dick.” Then the two will smirk at each other while M'gann chides him for his language. ” @joemerl

majo-dad: Here are some sleepy and exhausted bat boys. Dick and Jason Powered By Coffee

Anonymous said: ah would you please draw uncle jason with mar'i grayson? Answer: Here’s Mar’i with her Uncle Jay ^^ It’s the first time I draw Mar’i and she is cool to draw :)

Dick Grayson!, grayson-army: Batfamily in Grayson #12

I’m surprised at how many people have told me they like the way I do Jason! For some reason, he’s always been the easiest for me. Must be the hair. I do like giving him swooshy, magical helmet hair....