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Cha' Tullis

Hominy, City Of

Artist Cha' Tullis began painting a series of vibrant murals, which depict various aspects of Native American folklore, throughout downtown Hominy, Oklahoma, in 1990. View a complete map to all of these must-see murals and don't miss the artist's very own gallery and gift shop on Main Street.

Pride and Glory Cha Tullis kK

Prophet original Painting Acrylic on Canvas kp

Wall mural painted by the famous Blackfoot Indian artist Cha’ Tullis - Hominy, Oklahoma by Sirius_Photography on Flickr.

Did you know that Cha Tullis, the artist behind the awe inspiring murals that grace the areas around Hominy, estimates that he used 705 gallons of paint to complete all 47 of the murals he worked on between 1990-1996? 150,000 - 200,000 people visit and view these incredible works of art in and around Hominy each year. For more information on the murals or to see more of the artist's work, you can stop by his studio to learn more!

Cha Tullis Gallery

In the heart of the Osage Indian Nation..this Artist Cha Tullis Gallery is a must when visiting Hominy

Cha Tullis paints murals on the buildings of a city called "Hominy" in Oklahoma, he is a very successful native american and i am honored to have met him and visited his shop and gallery and seen all the murals he has painted.


Hominy is home to many beautiful works of public art by Native American artist Cha' Tullis. Click on this pin for a map of their locations!

They call it the "city of murals" for a reason - Cha' Tullis mural in Hominy Oklahoma by obliquicity, via Flickr