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Mama's Chicken Pie

"I don't generally like any kind of pot pie but I LOVED this one!!!!! so did my hubby! i'm fixing to make this again today...I've been craving it! I love it because I can eat it just like the recipe says to make it or I can add veggies that I like. it's so versatile!!"

My kids each have one towel with their name on it. This trick has helped so much because now we know who leaves their towel on the floor and they are more likely to hang it up. (This has really cut down on germ transfer too and we don't spread illness around so much!!) I wash while they are at school and just hang back up.I decided to keep 3 guest towels.

Dear guys, it's 100% okay if you don't have a six pack. You don't have to be athletic. You don't need to fit society's standards. You don't need to be 6ft tall. Yall are perfect just the way you are

also i'm not scared of dying but i'm scared of like the pain because i would probably go with pills which cause liver failure and it's a really painful way to go and idk but it's probably less painful than childbirth tbh idk

If I see one clown I am DARTING back inside. I don't care if it's a tiny toddler or eight year old girl. trust no one I will be DARTING inside

Luke Cage, Power Man, marvel, mcu, avengers, the defenders

Oh god (but his soul was like, attached to the eye it wasn't just a dead piece of a person.)

"There are some days where I feel like no matter where I go, I always end up feeling the same, because all places are the same in the end. Or maybe it's just me and no matter where I go, I could never run far enough from who I am, and I could never run far enough from everything that hurts." — R.M. Drake

I was half afraid for this week to roll around for Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, because it felt like we’d been happy for so long that doom was just around the corner. But I’m pleased to report that as of today’s episode, my heart is still intact and beating just fine, if a little pinched …