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You don't have to play boss when you are the boss. #deskie #dailygrind by thatmichigangypsy

Surfing like a boss at day 29 of #365doodleswithjohannafritz: Surf board. #illustratorsofinstagram #instagallive #dailysketch #doodle #sketchbook #surfing #bunny #absolutecoolness by veraschmidtillustration

Be your magnificent self! Repost thanks to my new friend @orgone_paradise by leantowardhappymagazine

Little doggie had a very busy weekend. Day 26 27 and 28 of #365doodleswithjohannafritz combined: melon dog and ice cream. #sketchbook #doodle #dailysketch #instagallive #illustratorsofinstagram #dog #melon #icecream #foodexcess by veraschmidtillustration

This are the #lions made for postcard for Sezam association. Lions are made just with outlines that the kids could colored the postcard. The postcard is made for collecting donations. I like the way that is not just a postcard but also like coloring book. The original postcard also have some words but it's in my language so I drop that out. What do you think do you like it? by matejalukezic

has you covered with updated Instagram information so make sure to click on the 3 white dots on the top right corner to turn your notifications on whenever I post so you stay informed daily SAD but true You can no longer create a 'Mock GeoTAG' to give a Call to Action (CTA) Remember - your photo is the North Star make sure it is captivating! You have 3-6 seconds to get someone to STP in their scrolling tracks!! Did I capture your attention? If so...tell me why below in the comments…

Autumn is one my favourite seasons. Which one is yours? What could be better than to celebrate it with one of this cards. You can find it in my #Etsy shop. Link is in my BIO by matejalukezic

Doodle 29/365: Surfboard #365doodleswithjohannafritz by johannafritzillustration

Hello October I October! I was born and more important I gave birth to my boys in October! You can smell the fall and see all the soft warm colours.. Sun is warm and not hot which I love the most. by matejalukezic