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In the Shadow of Saints

In the Shadow of Saints –

MALANG Tabligh Maulid Akbar 27 Desember 2014 Syaikh Hisyam Kabbani in our Majelis Maulid and Talim _______

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Heavenly Counsel: From Darkness Into Light

Heavenly Counsel: From Darkness Into Light –

If you are in the Holy Valley between two mountains---Jab al-Shari`ah, the Mountain of Law, and Jab al-Haqiqah, the Mountain of Realities, #spirituality--- and if through heavenly acceptance you become al-Warith al-Muhammadi, the Inheritor of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ, then #Allah ﷻ accepts you to become a mountain and the river that never ends will flow to your heart. #ShaykhHishamKabbani

Masha'Allah, Shaykh Hisham Kabbani renews our bay'a during ziyara to the Holy Hair of #ProphetMuhammad ﷺ on #EidAlAdha. Video @ & Take bay'a including instructions @ #MSHUSA15 #MSHUK15 #Naqshbandi #Qadri #Chisti

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