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Se observarmos áreas do planeta ou povos que vivam com maiores dificuldades, aí, a informação, educação e treino é essencial. Se pensarmos no mundo empresarial, onde há desafios diariamente, a educação, informação e treino adequados são primordiais: +info:

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Be What They Said You Couldn't Be

A daily struggle. Over time the new positive you and order of life becomes natural and the struggle lessons and the addict looses his influence...but be on guard, Addiction is still lurking, and the addict with leap forth if you feed his stinkin thinkin...Gratitude, every day is a good day, it is amazing how large all the small blessings combined can be.

This is my Monday face #TeamRecover 1-800-NEW-CHOICE

“Clear vision ... One must have a vision before they manifest anything ! Write the vision down ! Make it plain! #FearLess”

When people ask "What do you do?", tell them "Whatever it takes." More

Don't think about what can happen...