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Caudas De Sereia,Da Arte Da Sereia,Pintura,Sereias Sirenas,Leaping Mermaid,Mermaid Jumping,Flying Mermaid,Mermaid Sunset,Mermaid Dance

Reiki works whether you believe it will or not. Reiki has no dogma to believe. It is compatible with all religious faiths and paths. Once again, the energy is not the practitioner’s own, but the Universal Life Energy passing through the practitioner on its way to the client. As it passes through, it works on the practitioner, imparting benefits similar to those the client receives.❤️☀️

Witch Way Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Molly Harrison


YO SOY el Amor, la Sabiduría y el Poder con su Inteligencia Activa, lo que estará actuando en todo lo que yo piense y haga hoy. Yo le ordeno a esta Actividad Infinita que sea mi protección y que actúe en todo momento, haciendo que yo me mueva, hable y proceda únicamente en Orden Divino.

Ballerina / Bailarina / Балерина / Dancer / Dance / Ballet

As you become more aware of the Divine Light within and around you, you begin to live in this greater Light frequency. As you do, more assistance will be available to you on all realms. Ask for conscious awakening of the true spiritual essence within you and a greater transformational quality will embody your human form. This is the connection to your most Divine Self. As you become more familiar with this alignment, you will feel better than ever before --Shanta Gabriel…

Moon Dancer Energy Painting - Giclee Print Signed By Julia Watkins

beautiful energy flow