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ᐅ Bolo Kit Kat: 25 modelos incríveis!

i will be making this cake for my brother's graduation! it will say: "swiggity swag, we've got a grad". aaand the coolest sister in the world award goes to...? me. i won it. you all can go home now.

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20 coisas que só as pessoas que dão a devida importância aos doces gostariam de te dizer

Kinder Bueno, kinder egg, kitkat chocolate birthday cake

Studio Casa Mix: Parabéns Studio Casa mix !!!!

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ᐅ 45 ideias para uma Festa Bailarina!

Bachelorette Party Corset Cake and Cupcakes Tower

I got to recreate @francesmencias unicorn cake... I mean, those glittery lashes though✨ #sweetandsaucyshop #unicorncake

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Receitinha do Truque – Bolo de kitkats e M&Ms

Kitkat and M pretty!

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Kit Kat Cake

A chocolate frosted chocolate layer cake, surrounded by over 40 Kit Kat bars, topped with 2 large bags of M&M's and wrapped with a beautiful ribbon that's tied in a bow.