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Aww Mr. Darcy, como foi difícil arrancar esse sorriso. Por isso que eu amo tanto te ver assim.

No words in the scene - the actions and editing are awesome. Such meaning in those few seconds. Pride and Prejudice

I wanna see wanna see um shipping walking around those what do you call em oh booths up where they blink up where they run up where the cosplay all day in the sun wandering free wish I could be at SDCC

“Mr. Darcy, who was leaning against the mantelpiece with his eyes fixed on her face, seemed to catch her words with no less resentment than surprise. His complexion became pale with anger, and the disturbance of his mind was visible in every feature. He was struggling for the appearance of composure, and would not open his lips till he believed himself to have attained it. The pause was to Elizabeth’s feelings dreadful.” (Pride and prejudice, Chapter 34)

Keep Calm and Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me!