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Don't mess it up .. once my trust and respect is taken for granted everything goes down hill from there. I'll doubt everything you said and everything you will say from this point on.

Excellent! Because then no one else has to listen to u complain and then there's NO DRAMA!!!!

O fato é que a pessoa não vê como os seus desejos serão revelados no estado…

ACTION not REaction change what you can....

Chega uma hora em que você tem de deixar pra lá o que teria acontecido e viver o que está acontecendo ( my translation)

And that many were born with mental problems. We need to show compassion, regardless but man its not easy.Some were not taught compassion and have no regard for life just pretend by fake words they use to describe themselves.I loveall creatures etc...but no remorse for losing the one person who trusted her with all his heart,would have fought for her and his son with every ounce of life that was in him.The most loyal man I knew.Love you son your mom <3

I always try to choose my words carefully. You can never completely remove the pain you may cause someone for a temporary emotion. Take time to look from a different perspective.

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