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Explora Mudança Para, Nosso Sistema e outros!

A chegada de ovnis gigantes em nosso sistema solar ! Vai Haver uma mudança para o bem !

Carrie Fisher Hoax - Mark Hamill & Harrison Ford Exposed - Celebrity "Retirements" - YouTube

2016 WARNING CERN HAS OPENED A PORTAL TO...................... - YouTube

Beware of involuntary organ extraction along this lonely stretch of Rte. 64 in Arizona. I was careless and now am left without a functional Pancreas.

NEW EXECUTIVE ORDER/CHECK MATE? - YouTube 7:17 pub 07-07-2017 (Federalized Elections are now under DHS Infrastructure. Covered in the reading of the EO).

Digital Drake/UFO Print on A5 300GSM Rough Card Paper by midgepop (etsy: planetmidgepop) || £4

Homeless People, Churches, Religion,

A kid living in Ohio (or somewhere else) finds a crashed UFO. S/he gains the powers to shape shift, elasticity, and duplicate themselves after the radiation from the UFO (or the aliens blood) changed their body. Government agents go to the crash site and search for the kid, who has alien tech and fights evil.

19 Times Australia's Weather Was Batshit Insane

rare lenticular clouds in Australia More

My Favorite Martian. Great show. I used to watch it in grade school when I went home for lunch.