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Explora Princess Luna, Luzes e outros!

My oc's name is spunky stars she has a teal mane and a pink body. Her cutie mark is a thought bubble with a star in it she is an alicorn

Photo of The moon princess for fans of Princess Luna. She has a throne herself. More

Princess Luna, our leader and princess. (Lunar Republic)

Nightmare Moon. If you kinda think of it if the moon up top below where it says " EVERY TIME I SEE THIS..." it looks like if you flip it upside down it kinda of looks like Nightmare Moon just with out the horn and less curators.

Princess of the Night (dunno which artist, but truly good one)

Luna mlp. I love her sooooo much! My fav pony of the night! Get it? Haha, I'm so horrible at this pun thing.

Awesome pony pics - my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic Fan Art