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Depending on how many DIY pinners you follow, Pinterest can often become a beautiful, hypnotic vortex of the kind of projects you'd probably have to quit your job in order to have the time to do. For every simple, delicious recipe, there's somebody gluing toothpicks together.

♛ Toni Renee ♛ at first I was apprehensive about my new body I have curves and big butt and fitting into what I use to wear was hard. I would get discouraged because I don't look like the toothpicks in Vogue. I am now embracing my curves more each day I am like damn Natasha you are fabulous! I have a woman's body and that is okay.

24 Trendy Nail Art Ideas

Super gooey and delicious White Chocolate Blondies { lilluna.com }

Punto LINEAS VERTICALES. Tejido con dos agujas # 107


Beautiful wrap/scarf

Basketweave Stitch. An easy two row repeat. Plus free pattern using this stitch pattern. Snowdrift Infinity Cowl by Kalurah ♡ Teresa Restegui http://www.pinterest.com/teretegui/ ♡

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