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São Domingos Sávio

St. Teresa de Avila Invoked against headaches and heart disease. Feast day October 15. Prayer: Dear wonderful Saint Teresa de Avila, model of fidelity to vows, you gladly carried a heavy cross following in the steps of Christ who chose to be crucified for us. You realized that God like a merciful Father chastises those whom he loves, which to worldlings seems silly indeed. Grant to (Name) relief from great pains if this is in line with God's plans. Amen.

Our lady of the rosary

St Catherine of Siena

St Dominic, is the patron saint of astronomers, and founder of the Dominican…

São Cosme e São Damião

A German print of the Blessed Virgin and the Child Jesus appearing to St Anthony of Padua.

Margaret Tarrant - Pesquisa Google

st genenius (martinus): patron saint of plumbers, actors, clowns & torture victims

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