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"Rho Ophiuchi is a triple star system located at the southern end of the constellation Ophiuchus near the limit with Scorpius."

"This computer-simulated image shows gas from a star that is ripped apart by tidal forces as it falls into a black hole. Some of the gas also is being ejected at high speeds into space."

This particular example shows the star Zeta Ophiuchi (Zeta Oph) traveling at around 54,000 mph (24 kilometers per second) relative to its surroundings. Runaways are a special type of star that is alone and the nature of their bow shock can reveal some information about their origins.

[Frozen flow by woolyboy on Flickr.]  Though this looks like ice, it is not. Hot springs deposit dissolved minerals from deep under ground into terrace like structures called ‘Travertine’. A remarkable landscape to see and admire, here the first warm rays of the early morning sun catch the crest.

Elephant Trunk Nebula IC 1396 Hubble Palette Credit: NASA/Hubble, Color/Effects thedemon-hauntedworld

Neptunes colorful moon, Triton - A possible captured Kuiper Belt dwarf planet js

Researchers used the CanariCam telescope on the Canary Islands to peer at a supermassive black hole at the center of an elliptical galaxy called Cygnus A, which sits about 600 million light-years away. The black hole is actively sucking in material, and two powerful beams of light are shooting from the center of the galaxy all the way to the edge and beyond.

This nest of monstrous baby galaxies, 11.5 billion light-years away, appears to reside at the junction of gigantic filaments in a web of dark matter. Artist's visualization.