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DAY 13 (11/13): #WorkoutWithChr1s Triple Threat Challenge. Quote of the Day: "Learning is a gift even though pain can be the teacher." ________________________________________ Some reminders: 1. Everyday check in on this daily post. 2. Congratulate at least 2-3 challengers who completed the daily workout before you 3. Tag #WorkoutWithChr1s on your pic 4. Invite Friends. 5. Have fun!! Encourage and motivate fellow challengers. 6. I will answer a question you guys ask about me what I do…

Announcing the FEBRUARY YOGA CHALLENGE: #MonthofMeditation Starts tomorrow! HOSTED BY:@beachyogagirl & @kinoyoga SPONSOR: @omstarsapparel by @LiquidoActive CHARITY: @paws4you a Non-Profit volunteer charity that helps save dogsfrom Euthanasia in Miami. . ABOUT THE CHALLENGE: Have you always wanted to meditate but don't know how? Or maybe you already meditate everyday and want to help save animals from being killed? Whatever your reason we want to encourage you and help make this world a…

Some call it standing frog or Goddess pose either way it's a hell of an adductor stretch. Udaya Yoga. Online yoga. At its best. by udayayoga

Compass pose will forever remind me of the great beauty @initials____bb ! Miss ya woman! Day 8: #yogisbeyondborders #parivrttasuryayantrasana #compasspose #sundialpose with Hosts: @valeggua @bahayogi @lydiamakokha and Sponsors: @onzie @liforme @ilovegurus @yogisurprise @bohemian_island @trybe_gofree Question of the Day: Name one place in the world you would like to visit right now. I've been thinking all day about this question I love traveling. Take me to the mountains any mountains and…

Day9 of #basicyogamix with @kinoyoga and @beachyogagirl is #navasana or #boatpose :D by curlygirlyoga

Day 30 of our #30dayyogachallenge and #funwithyogachallenge is #legsupthewallpose or #viparitakarani we did it! I'll leave it up to the students at #afterglowyoga To demonstrate this amazing pose. So grateful for the opportunity to be a host and witness to all of your gorgeous practices. Find your center and keep practicing! Xoxo#sograteful #lovethislife #wailukubarre #wailukutown forget to follow and tag our hosts and sponsors to be eligible to win great prizes! Hosts: @mymojoyoga…

I'd bend backwards for you. #iminlove by danigirlyoga

Surround yourself with people who reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel energies are contagious Another beautiful Mumma who continues to inspire so many people around the world - including me! Thankyou for sharing your vision Sarita #amumsjourney #meditationmum #meditation #connect #networking #manifest #inspiringmums #mumpreneur #freedompreneur #unstoppabletribe by meditation_mum

Day 10 of #basicyogamix with @kinoyoga and @beachyogagirl Im saaad! I almost had this pose!but I started to spend more time doing workouts and less yoga and I have lost a lot of elasticity :(( Come back to me! I feel more stronger and rigid now ... by curlygirlyoga

New Udaya teacher and badass @koyawebb brining her talent to the Udaya tribe check it out! by udayayoga

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