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Divorce is a major life change that can leave a person reeling. Suddenly being on your own to deal with issues such as money, children, career changes and downsizing the family home can seem overwhelming. Dr. Phil and Libby Gill, author of the book Traveling Hopefully: How to Lose Your Family Baggage and Jumpstart Your Life offer advice on how to begin to live life after divorce. If you're having trouble letting go: There is life after this marriage As hard as it is to believe right now…

When You Lose it With Your Child "Ok, you screamed at your kid. Now what? Unpack your baggage so your kids don't have to carry it. It's all grist for the mill...The joy of the journey is in the detours." -- Lu Hanessian

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How to Deal With Your Emotional Baggage So You Can Keep Good Friends

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Breakups are the universal nightmares most people experience. No matter your religion, age or level of education, this pain is an equal distributor. Many attempt to escape the agony by leaping into another relationship. Sadly, this only passes "baggage" from one relationship to the next. Indirectly tasking a new mate with loving you out of your hurt…while hurting them. What are we missing?

You get to have a say in any relationship you're involved in. Steer clear of anyone who shows or tells you otherwise

1. HIEROPHANT- If you are going to find love you are going to have to follow the traditions and mores of your culture. While this may seem old-fashioned you'll find that you have greater support from those around you and you will form stronger bonds with your mate by following these traditions. If you are unsure where to start seek out an expert such as your pastor a yenta or dating coach. 2. 6 OF SWORDS -You have been through a difficult time relationship wise and have put other people's…

What do Body Image and Binge Eating Have in Common? When we engage in eating behaviors that we know in our hearts aren’t supporting our best health, or when we mentally associate our own repeated actions with a body type that we see as undesirable, we’re likely to be carrying around some serious body image baggage... See more at:

Anxiety is common among teens with autism and Asperger's syndrome. My Anxious Mind offers coping strategies for tweens and teens to manage their anxiety. Teens will learn how to "deal" with school, relationships, and other everyday challenges.

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Sex and Punishment: A 4,000-Year History of Judging Desire

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