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cross-section of the structure of a sugarcane root -nature is beautiful right down to the minute

Image: Wing of a male butterfly (© Pasieka/Getty Images)

Mini Passionfruit Kiwi Cheesecakes! Vegan raw treats make life worth living .... don't you think?! No but seriously if you've ever tried a vegan slice cake or raw goodie ball you know what I'm talking about. There really is no excuse for loading up on wheat & sugar - filled nutritionally devoid treats when treats made from whole foods that offer an abundance of macro & micro nutrients taste just as good ... or in my humble opinion even better! The only thing to remember when enjoying raw…

A larva de um Macrobrachium amazonicum (um tipo de camarão de água doce) ampliada 20 vezes. Foto do brasileiro Alex Griman, 11º lugar em 2006

Diatoms from Guaíba island, Rio de Janeiro. by Roland Mortimer, Brazil

Aprendendo Curiosamente: Brigadeiro de Micro-ondas

A mite of the genus Daidatarsonemus recently found in a coco plantation in Brazil. Feather-like seti on its body allow it to ride breezes from tree to tree in the forest canopy. It grows brown fungi on its body for food. (Photo courtesy Chris Pooley / Electron & Confocal Microscopy Unit USDA-ARS USDA/ARS)

Trematode are leaf-shaped flatworms also known as flukes. They are parasitic during nearly all of their life-cycle forms. The cycle begins when larvae are released into freshwater by infected snails.

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