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Heaven on Earth Campaign

Wildflowers, Cerrado, Mato Grosso, Brazil., Beautiful

cross-section of the structure of a sugarcane root -nature is beautiful right down to the minute

Photograph of Diamond under the microscope - Diamond is the birthstone for April and the zodiac sign Aries. The hardest naturally occurring substance, diamonds are perhaps the most cherished of all gemstones.

Specimen: Pupil of a Macrobrachium amazonicum (freshwater prawn) (20x) Technique: Stereomicroscopy

Emerging small plant on the riverbank in Caraguatatuba brown - SP / Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar, Brazil.

Mini Passionfruit Kiwi Cheesecakes! Vegan raw treats make life worth living .... don't you think?! No but seriously if you've ever tried a vegan slice cake or raw goodie ball you know what I'm talking about. There really is no excuse for loading up on wheat & sugar - filled nutritionally devoid treats when treats made from whole foods that offer an abundance of macro & micro nutrients taste just as good ... or in my humble opinion even better! The only thing to remember when enjoying raw…

Week 7 Brazil at the bottom. Can a sports event pull them out of an economic slump. Eastern Beach Geelong

Deforestation process near Querencia, Mato Grosso, Brazil

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