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Um yeah well the United States elected a cheeto for president so I would also be frightened to find that out

C3P0 + R2-D2: Why hello Master Luke! It's a pleasure to see you. BB-8: POE POE POE HHIHIHI POE K2-S0: *WHAP* *Sasses*

ATTENTION Guys who are here for my Star Wars content: I changed my mind and decided it's too important not to have it's own board. So follow my board. Same for Hamilton followers

Teen Wolf - Season 6 - Stiles´ real name

"Many of our people died, trying to get this information" - quote form New Hope. I realised this at the beginning of film and I wondered who will die, but I didn't suppose that ALL OF THEM will die.

This song was stuck in my head as I came across this. What a serendipitous moment.

Jyn and Cassian | Star Wars | Rogue One | RebelCaptain tumblr

Yes. Yes you are. I don't care what the lore is for this show, do not compare the proferring of a defenseless human, most likely terrified and going to die, to a charming and heart warming Disney film. Fuck this show.