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Adivinha o que eu achei novinho no lixo do meu condomínio aqui em Londres? Vocês não vão acreditar! Ficou curioso(a)? Então me segue lá no Snapchat e veja com seus próprios olhos... mileine-aliaga. Thanks! #snapchat #litter #london #lixoinglesévida -#aquivcachadetudo #temdetudonolixo #inglaterra #england #europe #londres #lixo #acheinolixo #lixolondrino by mileinealiaga

In all the excitement of yesterday evening I forgot about yesterday afternoon! First seen at Chatsworth back in September now on display at One Canada Square Canary Wharf...and elements to be installed at the gallery in a few weeks. Fantastic colour and scale in #AlexanderMacdonaldBuchanan's amazing ceramics. And what did I do yesterday evening....? Just a studio visit to #AnthonyGormley. You know as you do. Whilst I took hoards of photos I'm not allowed to post them online so you'll just…

#Repost @joerehab with @repostapp. "Ice Is for Dead People" - Ice is very useful for preserving things in static state. It slows or halts the decay of food and dead bodies but does not help damaged tissue repair itself. Ice does reduce the initial swelling and inflammation of a fresh injury and it does reduce pain but at a cost. Contracting local blood vessels and tissues by freezing them inhibits the restoration of normal circulation. The static blood and fluids congeal contracts and…

Went for a little walk with mum from our hotel on Saturday evening and saw this view. Hard to believe I ran that yesterday! #londonmarathon by charlottesargent_

If you have a #dream dont just sit there. Gather #courage to #believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality. by the_b_light

To believe this bruh can use my phone better than me. Lol. I just love this g!!!! by officialomicron

Don't forget to believe in your dreams. by sadok.m

It's hard to believe this is in London. Canary Warf. It's obvious this is where the money is. No litter coverednwalkways free wifi automatic doors that go woosh and everyone in suits. It looks like a penguin colony. Frightening. #canarywarf #bankersparadise #moneymoneymoney #londonskyscrapers by andrewmonarchy