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You are your balance of your hormones

The Endocrine System: - For slower, more prolonged response * Use hormones (secreted by particular types of cells and then travel throughout the cardiovascular system in the blood - Via feedback loops

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Receita de mingau de aveia para diabetes

Esta receita de mingau de aveia é uma boa opção para o café da manhã ou lanche da tarde para diabéticos porque não tem açúcar e leva aveia que é um cereal com baixo índice glicêmico e que por isso ajuda a controlar os níveis de açúcar no sangue, e chia que também ajuda a manter a glicose sob controle.


63 Creative Ways to Store Your Wine With Style

Check these beautiful wine cellars at and other creative tricks to store your wine with style.

time to bring out the sweaters, scarves, and mittens! or in my case, BUY them. being from florida (and arizona) i don't own any! but i know it gets cold here in Cali and i am so ready to stock up on fashionable fall wear!

DIY IKEA coffee station hooks and baskets - good way to keep massive amounts of mugs and tea under control.

Stoicism. Major Thinkers include Zeno (334 -262 BCE), Cleanthes (303-233 BCE), Epictetus (60-117 CE), and Marcus Aurelius (121 -180 CE).Key Concepts. Greatest good comes from wisdom, virtue, and acceptance of what cannot be directly controlled. Stoic virtues include wisdom, courage, justice, and temperance. Self-control and fortitude are a way of mastering destructive emotions.

hinged top on washer/dryer for easy access to top loading appliances...brilliant idea!

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Christmas/Holiday Planning Forms

The holidays are so crazy and busy that it can be easy to stress and feel unorganized. Relax. Grab a cup of coffee (or whatever is your pleasure) and print out these forms which will help you get your holiday planning under control!