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As ruas não são para dançar


Estudar um pouco para alimentar aliviar as tensões hahaha #bora #estudos #ubuntu #js #jquery #nodejs #angularjs

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Stressed out by U.S. election? Tune out and assume downward-facing dog pose

"Things where, for everybody, the sense of control is gone,"

The Schindler factory complex in the Czech Republic.

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If You’re Ever Dissed in a Hacked Email, Try to Respond Like Larry Lessig

WikiLeaks revealed that some Clinton aides hate Larry Lessig. Lessig is outraged – that those aides had their privacy violated.

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Ruptura entre PCC e Comando Vermelho pode gerar 'carnificina', diz pesquisadora


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This fashion company will let the Internet choose the race and body types of its models

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Exegese, teologia e pastoral: relações, tensões e desafios

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Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sent feeds that helped police track minorities in Ferguson and Baltimore, report says

“These platforms need to be doing more to protect the free speech rights of activists of color and stop facilitating their surveillance by police,” said Nicole Ozer, technology and civil liberties policy director for the ACLU of California. “The ACLU shouldn't have to tell Facebook or Twitter what their own developers are doing. The companies need to enact strong public policies and robust auditing procedures to ensure their platforms aren't


Inside Portland's Competitive Pinball Scene

Of course, there's a competitive pinball scene. And of course, it's in Portland.