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Disjunção esferoidal (spheroidal jointing). Este tipo de disjunção de que resultam as estruturas esferoidais em as concêntricas, como as cebolas, comum em rochas básicas alternadas.

Goergous dyke intrusion in Spain | Geology IN

Geology IN: 10 Pictures that will make you want to become a Geologist

View of a 1906 lava flow on Kanaga Volcano in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska

These salt deposits were formed during the “Messinian Salinity Crisis”, a geological event during which the Mediterranean Sea was cut off from the Atlantic Ocean and dried up (or mostly dried up), creating massive deposits of previously dissolved salts. This occurred at the end of the Messinian age of the Miocene epoch, from 5.96 to 5.33 million years ago, ending when the Atlantic again flowed into the basin

"The Kondyor Massif is circular geological formation in Eastern Siberia, Russia, roughly 600 km west-to-southwest of Okhotsk, or some 570 km south-east of Yakutsk. From space it looks like an impact crater or the caldera of an extinct volcano, but Kondyor Massif is neither. It is what geologists refer to as an “intrusion”.

Wasatch Fault. East Bench.Tom Till: this is a normal fault which forms the E boundary of the Basin & Range geologic province which comprises the geographic Great Basin: the fault is 240-mi long, from S Idaho, thru N Utah, before ending in Cnt Utah near the town of Fayette

Boudinage structure in the Proterozoic Noonday Formation exposed in Mosaic canyon in Death Valley NP, CA. Photo by Stephen G. Weaver.

Amazing Geologist ⚒ Tightly folded gneiss, Kings Canyon National Park, Fresno County, California. Roadcut exposure along Kings Canyon Scenic Drive. Yucca plant at bottom-center of image is about 1 m (3 ft) in diameter |#Geology *Photo : © Michael Rymer visit :

Ptygmatic Folds: typical of slump folding/ migmatites/ decollement detachment zones, ptygmatic folds generally represent conditions where the folded material is of much greater viscosity than the surrounding medium