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Patrick Stump

Patrick Stump sitting on a stump ha ha Ha

Photo by patrickstump (And it's not creepy if he took the picture himself.)

1 part Patrick Stump, 1 part Pete Wentz, 1 part Andy Hurley, and 1 part Joe Trohman.... Perfection <3

{Soul Punk Patrick Stump} {Victim} Hi, I'm Patrick! I'm very friendly and I love meeting new people and hanging out with my close friends. I love to play music and play at clubs just for fun. I've been picked on for being bisexual in high school but now, I really don't give a crap. Come say hi?

Patrick looks so done with Pete

Patrick from fall out boy... For a while after he lost all that weight, I thought they'd had two different singers

Andy is me every day