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Pachylytoceras dilucidum 21 cm.jpg (893×565)

Ammonite diet revealed in X-rays

Ammonites were free-swimming molluscs that occupied the ancient oceans. They existed between about 400 million years ago and 65 million years ago

Hard to believe it, but this is real. Famous ammonite, highly collectable. "Promicroceras planicosta"

ammonite closeup by carissapod :: fish parade, via Flickr

RARE Marble Ammonite Fossil Specimen from Russia

Discoscaphites gulosus_Sphenodiscus ディスコスカフィテス・グロッサス スフェノディスカス Ammonite アンモナイト

Russian Ammonite with Rainbow Pyrite taken effect in the internal chambers during the Fossilization process. Fully Pyritiferous Fossil Ammonite. Genus: Quenstedtoceras Ammonite sp Location: Volga River Formation, Russia Geologic Age: Jurassic Period

Giant Ammonite Fossils

Yes, it's real!! A giant ammonite ( fossil. Giant Ammonite Fossils

Discoscaphites gulosus ディスコスカフィテス・グロッサス Macroconch and Microconch マクロコンク(雌) ミクロコンク(雄) Ammonite アンモナイト