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Some of my glute workout from the weekend, got my personal best on hip thrusts yeeeewwww 90kgs (198lbs) #ouchies ☝️kicking up high with hands low on the kickbacks to target the top of the glute

This fun move combines side lateral raises w front raises. I go much lighter on this than I would on a reg side raise for instance. Side raises I do 12-20lbs, but on this exercise I do 8-12lbs due to the transition position . My ATLANTA 1-day Hourglass Workout Master Class is now avail for registration for anyone looking for a killer legs & booty workout at Open to men, women, trainers & fitness enthusiasts. If you have questions,pls send to…

✨Butt Blaster✨ Such a challenging little exercise that'll have your glutes screamin! ❗️warning❗️ go light, this is waaaay harder than it looks

Hip thrust on smith machine

Your favorite crazy band lady @yogabish has another innovative glute circuit for you. Erin's glutes contract very hard on all of these exercises and she makes sure to target every region of the glutes. She's wearing 3 lb ankle weights (from Sports Authority) and using small minibands from @thexbands. Give this a try! #glutelab #gluteguy #strongcurves #getglutes #crazybandlady #yogabish #teamzerogravity

Heyy guys The lunge & kick is a fun more beginner move in my program that can be done anywhere Want to make it harder... How? Add a weighted vest, get lower, add 4 pulses on the lunges or 4 kicks , etc, etc... There's always room to get creative with your workouts once you have a strong foundation and understanding of form... Have fun with your workouts. Special note: Final day of the 25% off sale in my @hourglassworkout classes!!!! All 3,6 & 12 month memberships are 25% off... Don't miss…

Glute&Shoulder superset. Anytime you include a compound leg movement in a superset you burn more calories. Try pairing upper body movements with lower body to kick up your training! #Ateam #setapart

Today I didn't have as much time to train as normally, so I increased the intensity of my session by doing suicide sprints in between sets. This is great for a short and sweet workout, as well as to get you out of plateau or to keep your rate up throughout your workout! ✅✅FOR MORE FITNESS TIPS, WORKOUT ROUTINES AND SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO CHANGE YOUR CURRENT ROUTINE GO TO : WWW.NATHALIAMELOFIT.COM ✅✅ Outfit by @officialbetterbodies Sipping on #QueenFit Pre Workout from @olimp_sport_nutriti

Here's a few plyometric exercises you can do at home that will have your booty and legs burning. Superset with a few ab workouts for a quick fat burning workout without equipment. @getfitandthick #fitandthick