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Some of my glute workout from the weekend, got my personal best on hip thrusts yeeeewwww 90kgs (198lbs) #ouchies ☝️kicking up high with hands low on the kickbacks to target the top of the glute

Good morning! Glute bridges are one of my favorite glute exercises for 3 reasons: 1. They're one of the most isolated exercises as far as glutes are concerned 2. They allow you to lift heavy in a position that doesn't put stress on your spine like back squats tend to do 3. For those of us who suffer from knee injuries, this is a safe option for you to lift heavy without putting extra wear and tear on your joints For this version of the glute bridge, I'm lying flat on my back with the weight…

Here are some of the Glute Squad members @mj_gines @camcoxter @dianalugo3 hammering out some side lying hip raises at the end of their workout. The side lying hip raise is a challenging bodyweight exercise for the upper glutes (both the gluteus medius and the upper region of the gluteus maximus). This exercise comes in handy when you don't have bands or cables. #strongcurves #getglutes #gluteguy #glutelab

More from the "Dirty Thirties" Series! 10 Lateral Kicks 10 Kickbacks (Tucking the knee in) 10 Leaning Kickbacks (upper Body parallel to the floor for more ROM) This is Great finisher for glutes ✅✅IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MORE GLUTES EXERCISE, FITNESS TIPS AND FULL WORKOUT ROUTINES GO TO : WWW.NATHALIAMELOFIT.COM ✅✅ Outfit by @officialbetterbodies Sipping on #QueenFit Pre Workout from @olimp_sport_nutrition #MeloMafia #teambetterbodies #TeamOlimp

"But will building muscle in my glutes make them hard and not jiggle" Nope and nope, thought I'd post this just to show that my butt still has plenty of movement even though I've built muscle. By building muscle your glutes will still be soft and bouncy lol but with more muscle they'll also be fuller and rounder So what you waiting for start lifting and get on your way to building that ass!! Don't be scared of muscle

Time to burn some fat! I ate without any regard for my typical nutritional intake this past weekend which isn't against the rules, but defenitely calls for some extra time in the gym this week. Part of the #fitandthickmovement is to practice moderation, so yes, I ate whatever the hell I wanted for my birthday weekend, and I will work extra hard in the gym this week and get right back on track! Living life should be as enjoyable as possible and your fitness and health regimen should add to…

Glute isolating donkey cable kickbacks using my #FitandThick ankle straps When doing this movement you want to pretend like you have something on your foot that you're pushing straight out. When you squat or lunge and you push through the heels you can contract your glutes more and the same goes for this exercise. I push straight through with my heel which allows me to squeeze my glutes to the best of their ability. To order your handle and ankle strap set go to! I like…

Hey guys I'm booking my @hourglassworkout fitness camps & certification dates for the U.S. & UK... My goals are to visit: LA, NY, Chicago, Vegas, London, Houston & Miami for this year. If anyone knows a good gym that might be interested in hosting me for the weekend, pls email my team at with their info I will post the dates as they're booked for registration... Coming soon Thanks in advance for your help & I hope to kick your butt soon❤️xo

In tonight's @getfitandthick butt and legs class we did weighted seated get-ups. Drive up straight through your heels and stand up squeezing your glutes together. Repeat for 20 reps 3-4 sets! #fitandthickworkout We hold classes Sunday-Wednesday in Miami! To see the full schedule go to