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Tentando montar uma boneca nova no imvu ,rs

I no longer look for the good in people. I search for the real... Because while good is often dressed in fake clothing, real is naked and proud no matter the scars.

... u said too much ... did too much ... your life you owe that ... lol i hope you fire retard. *you are the words you speak and they coming back to meet you*

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I'll take a couple of genuine people over a bunch of fake a-holes any day!

SOOO true!! "Practice what you post" It is really simple. Some should stop hiding behind a screen thinking it is okay to post and type what cannot be confronted in REALITY of sound mind and thoughts!!! Want more business from social media?

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To those who claim to be real yet are the most fake behind closed doors

I don't do fakeness. You may not like what I say but you'll always know where you stand with me. If my actions tell you that I like you then I'm not acting. I'm a genuine person. It hasn’t always been that way but people learn and they grow. I don't understand being nice to someone's face and then shit talking them behind their back. I don't understand not being upfront and forthcoming about your feelings of others. I don't understand people's words and actions not matching...

You eventually just get tired of fake people with coward intentions; you struggle because your heart is pure and you don't understand why so many people can't be authentic.

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But when it comes to you and your problems, they are nowhere to be found. Whenever you need advice, the subject seems to always shift back to their needs and issues, and their phone is always mysteriously dead when you call with your own personal “SOS.” Newsflash: this person does not give a damn about you. #byeFelicia.

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Pinterest stalker! Facebook DRAMA QUEEN ! Twitter ... You smell like way more than drama and a headache but true colors always show and yours are showing BRIGHT AS DAY!