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Voar sobre o planeta anano Ceres

Ao través da sombra da Lúa

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Before you travel to these beautiful places, learn the dirty secrets behind their photos

One of the wow places.

Earth, The Milky Way, the sun being eclipsed by the moon.

The Horsehead Nebula is a cloud of ionized-hydrogen in the constellation Orion. These clouds are lit from within by young, hot stars. The interstellar dust absorbs the light from part of the ionized cloud creating this beautiful contrast. Image Credit: NASA, NOAO, ESA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Aurora vibrante sobre Islandia

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Explore the Copenhagen of Eddie Redmayne's Danish Girl

Planejador De Viagem,Caem 2.016,Redmayne'S Danish,Danish Girl,Tas In,Denmark'S Capital,Eddie Redmayne'S,Boulevards,2016 Trip

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Underwater Photographer Finds Himself Engulfed by a Sperm Whale 'Poopsplosion'