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Explora 1000 Pontos, Mais Livros e outros!

Livro - Ligando Os 1000 Pontos: Personalidades - Thomas Pavitte

Joseph Campbell's Mythology

Hero's Journey in three stories. (Star Wars takes place in the past. "Long ago in a galaxy far far away...")

Flavorful Spring Salad! 7-Ingredient Beet and Feta Salad is one for the books! |

Using Jungian Archetypes in your writing... Jung is so valuable. But this chart, while valuable but is also limiting (just like The Hero with the 1000 faces.) Why is the hero only male? Why no wise women and nuturing fathers? It's a starting point. Breakout from the mold.

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18 Stunning Makeup and Hairstyle Ideas for Holiday

I hear the comment, "I can't wear red." more from Soft Summer than any other colouring type. If you have blood, you have a beautiful red, several in fact. You just need someone (a colour analyst) to help you find them. If AngJolie is a SSu, she sure seems to have a red. Wow do I love this picture more than the erased lips she often wears, 1000% better.

Preach WORDS CANNOT DISCRIBE HOW TRUE THIS IS!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE, THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tokyo Travel - Pangea Guides Android App - , With detailed information of around 25 museums , 15 parks and 70 featured attractions along with 1000s of other Points of Interest carefully integrated with every single travel activity, Tokyo travel is power packed with utilities and information. From Facebook Check-Ins to local event information, offline map to intuitive Augmented Reality experience, we have brought most of the travel activities and application needs to one single…

Cash Register at the Market Square Museum in Burra Amazing! Check out this: http://legitwaysmakemone...