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Create this DIY Slider Bag calculator for a fun way to answer your math questions! Great way to put number lines at your students' fingertips. Great for students with special learning needs. Very visual and tactile. Read more at:

Hidden Numbers

Play ‘Hidden Numbers’ to help children recognise numbers - this game will get your child to associate shapes with numbers for easy identification. Cut a small hole in an envelope, put a number in it so that only part of it shows, & the child has to guess what the number is. Does it have a lot of lines? Maybe it's a 1 or a 7. Does it have circles or loops? It could be 3, 5, or 8. (Could also be adapted to support shape recognition) (“,)

2 Simple Tape Activities: What to Do with Just Some Lines of Tape

Blowing a pom pom along a line of tape AND walking the tape line. @Sarah Attwood are you paying attention?

Gross Motor Activity: Tape Jumping Game

Walk the Line to work on visual perceptual skills.

Scaffolding Beginning Writers

We are 14 days into school (woohoo) and I wanted to share some of the ways I’m supporting my very-beginning writers. One of the best parts of 1st grade is seeing the amazing growth students make in 9 short months. They enter writing single sentences (sometimes single words) and leave writing cohesive paragraphs – it’s...

Hands on learning is always a great thing. This post has lot of hands on math activities perfect for students with special learning needs. Very visual and tactile. Builds great number sense!! Read more at:

Great way for children to know the volume allowed in the classroom at that time! They can monitor the noise themselves! #6544

Value - sketch book warm-up for value lesson.

Loved that Lesson: Fractional reasoning on a number line!!! | MissMathDork