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Os restos de um rio delta (designa-se por delta a foz de um rio formada por vários canais ou braços do leito do rio) em Marte.

A 2-billion-year-old rock found in the Sahara desert has been identified as a meteorite from Mars’ crust, and it contains ten times more water than any other Martian meteorite found on Earth. It also contains organic carbon. Credit: NASA

Three planet alignment over Egyptian pyramids…(I would just like to say, after having to delete so many negative and argument causing comments, I don't care if it isn't real, or if you think it's photoshopped. This was posted under Humor, not Science. It's a neat picture and I'll thank you to keep your negativity to yourselves. Any comments about the authenticity of this picture or anything related will be deleted as soon as I've seen them.)

Phobos hangs above Mars (photo by Mars Express probe)

And here’s that same sun from the surface of Mars: | 26 Pictures Will Make You Re-Evaluate Your Entire Existence

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Satélite russo registra maior foto já feita da Terra, com 121 megapixels

A imagem foi capturada em um só clique, diferente das outras já divulgadas, que são uma composição de diversas fotos (Foto: NTs OMZ)

Back in 1995, the Hubble telescope took an absolutely breathtaking photo of stars being formed that's now known as "Pillars of Creation." And now, 20 years later, NASA has released a couple new images of the same star formation that was taken by a new and improved Hubble last year. Absolutely gorgeous.