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Happy New Year!!!! I have some exciting news, besides my pregnancy (more on that for another day!), I have picked out the theme for my weekly foodie posts… Monkey Bread Mondays! I am going to…

Getting back to your pre-pregnancy size can be a lot easier if you keep your muscles working throughout your pregnancy! Doing exercises like pelvic tilt and heel drops are safe and will not only help you stay in shape but will also help you stretch making your pregnancy more comfortable!

10 must-haves for maternity -- items to make your pregnancy more comfortable and chic.

Running out of breathing room? Learn what causes you to be short of breath during pregnancy and what you can do about it.

Pregnancy At Age 40 And After 40 - Everything You Need To Know: Read the following post to know more about #pregnancy at or after 40!

Best Labor Positions for... Back Pain,

Eat Healthier During Pregnancy! Here are great healthy snack ideas you can eat during pregnancy! #eathealthy #pregnancysnacks #healthysnackidea

I recently saw the headline "Bride Says Birth Control Caused Stroke" and I nodded, thinking, yep, sounds about right. Why was I not surprised? Well, let's see how many women rely on hormonal birth control. Nearly 30% of American women (aged 15-44) are using a form of hormonal birth control. That's just under 17 million women. Over half of them are not even using it to prevent pregnancy! More than half of pill users, 58%, rely on the method at least in part for purpose...

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