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#yonos_dicas • Também sentem a dor da transcrição? Saibam como curá-la... http://bit.ly/dor-da-transcrição #yonos_tips

photo scanner, scans right to ipad and saves it as jpeg. could use to have all her photos

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Making good on its promise back in January, the Livescribe 3 smartpen now works with Android devices. A preview version of the requisite app is now avail

Bluetooth iPhone and Android Tempo Monitor By BlueMaestro http://coolpile.com/gadgets-magazine/bluetooth-iphone-android-tempo-monitor-bluemaestro via coolpile.com by @bluemaestro #Android #BePrepared #Bluetooth #Design #HomeAutomation #HomeImprovement #iPhone #Outdoors #ProductReviews #TemperatureMonitor #Wireless #coolpile #gadgets #homestuff

#yonos_dicas • Os novos cadernos Moleskine combinam a sensação de caneta e papel com a mais recente tecnologia digital - a Smartpen da Livescribe :D Saibam mais em http://tecnologiay.com/ #yonos_tips #moleskine #smartpen

Best ever food gift: Boomf gourmet marshmallows are printed with your Instagram photos

"Touchfire" iPad Keyboard 2013-05 $50 for those who insist on the PC-era! ; ) • thin silicon rubber,tactile transparent overlay,

OMG!!! When/IF we build this will be a necessity!!! Awesome gadget: Node Electric Outlet

Smartphone Location Tracking: How to Turn (Some of) It Off - In just a few days, many of you will unbox new phones and tablets, sign into your app store accounts, and start downloading new apps to run on your shiny new devices. Most of these apps will probably want to use your gadget’s WiFi and GPS to get your location. And some will want to keep checking your location even when you’re not actively using them. Should you let them?

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