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Perspective changes everything! Truth may very well be relative in many instances... #truth #perspectivechangeseverything #perspective

Top 30 Quotes about change

Top 30 Quotes about change #wisdom quotes More Did you know Valhalla is building and off grid school?!

Poster decorativo para sua casa: Nem todos os dias são bons, mas há algo bom em cada dia.

17 Graphs That Are Way Too Real For Introverts

I need to find the one for Extroverts. We are energized by interaction. Not by being center of attention or loud mouth shallow human beings who can't be serious. We simply gain energy from talking to just *one* person.

Esquece tudo que passou e vai ser feliz.

Sometimes running a movement I receive criticism for bringing money into the equation... Although I believe our fractional reserve banking system is a total fraud and we will never solve the issues of poverty unless we change the fundamentals of how money is created and disseminated what I can say is that money is just a medium of exchange we use to create win win scenarios and is a very useful invention and tool nonetheless I look at things in terms of value not in terms of dollars and…

#Top100 - Jaqueta jeans

Make a list of things that make you happy...

I always do this, esp in new situations! Although sometimes I AM just bored/ not paying attention :P

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