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Day 28 of #SplitsInfoBits #Hanumanasana (again!) All these 28 days and 28 poses to get here!! Moment of the truth (insert drumming sound here)... NO pressure! Just do what you can and promise you wont hold a grudge to yourself. You know people that post photos of themselves showing how much theyve improved in 2 weeks? Well Im not one of them thats for sure... and here I am! I couldnt do Splits but eventually I did (not in 2 weeks or a month.... and I feel its ALWAYS a work-in-progress…

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8-Minute Workout: Yoga for Better Sleep


I'm going to teach you how to successfully get into the splits with your 30 day #journeytosplits challenge! YOU IN? Have fun, good luck! Our #JourneytoSplits begins on July 1st!

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Any BODY can do yoga! (I love this photo, usually the only yoga photos are of thin people which stereotypes yoga. This should never be the situation. Yoga is for EVERYONE!) #yoga #yogini #yogi #namaste #om #aum #asana #meditation #health #pose #poses #mindfulness #focus #balance

It's not too late to join in the fun! My home studio @littleriveryoga is running a Rocket Yoga challenge/promotion this month: #Rocketober. Play along and you can win daily prizes including "#CCCmademedoit" t-shirts! Also there are FREE classes for new students! Repost this photo and start playing! by carsonclaycalhoun

To all teachers of yoga and all aspiring teachers of yoga I can wholeheartedly recommend one thing: be a student. Study as much as you can soak it all in. Surrender yourself be willing to ask for help and receive it graciously. Admit that you don't know all the answers and that you're not perfect. What do we share except our journey? And what we have struggled through fought for and suffered for is often what we can teach the most effectively. For it is our difficulty that opens our hearts…

Oh Mommy Mommy what if you fall? Oh but my darling; What if I fly? My daughters are worried about me when I'm attempting poses on rocks. They think I'm crazy but they are proud at the same time. I want them to see; that you can achieve anything you're dreaming of if you work hard take some risks and persist. #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #MyYogaLife #pilates #fit #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #yogapants #yogapower #yogaoutside #naturelovers #nature #hiking #hikingboots #love #nofilter #playoutside…

The body is such an incredible piece of art. The way it moves the journeys it takes us on the spectrum of pain and pleasure we experience through it... The body - in motion and in stillness - is by far my favorite form of art. by jillananda

Day.9 #PadasUpHastasDown #HollowBackHandStand #Handstand #AdhoMukhaVrksasana for awesome instructions and video for our last and final day please check out todays hosts Ashlee and Bryan Use the wall for this one of course if needed. It's been amazing sharing the past 9 days with everyone!! We've loved every single one of your posts!! Thanks so much for joining us Yoga Pants by our sponsor @NoliYoga and #FlashTat by our generous sponsor @shopmodernboho who will be showing one glowing…

Finding new levity in airbaby today on the non-dominant arm. _____ Growth is only possible from the soil of raw self-honesty. Without this only sickly weeds and half-dreams will grow. _____ Dk by dkyoga