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curtsy - squat - curtsy #workoutsbykatya wearing @aloyoga

abs + wearing @aloyoga #workoutsbykatya

Jump squats with pulses for the booty!! Try this over the weekend! #Howtogetabooty Credit: @marissabishhhh

Ida Jemina's 'Build A Perfect Booty' Home Glute Workout!

Good workout for your glutes and legs. The Frogger and the curtsy lunge/squat combo are my faves :: "Ida Jemina's Build Perfect Booty home glute workout"

Making booty work look easy! tag a friend who would like this machine! Credit: @lyzabethlopez

These are killllller - always have my @ehplabs #beyondbcaas w me while I workout to stay hydrated and reduce soreness. this time I'm drinking strawberry daiquiri mmm. use my code katya10! - pants from @aloyoga

TAG A FRIEND WHO NEEDS TO LEARN PROPER FORM TO STIFF LEG DEADLIFT! For all of you and personal trainers who need an easy way to teach your clients how to properly perform a stiff leg dead lift here is how I show mine: Using a wall and having a mirror to visually learn the technique as well, place your feet shoulder width apart, two feel off the wall with knees with a slight bend never locked. Have your client or yourself hold a bar with shoulders retracted and bend forward at the hips (vow…

IG: @cathy_99. Glute workout.

walking lunges wearing @aloyoga

I do these at the end of my workout for that shelf . ankle weights are good for these. 3 sets of 10. -- while I workout I drink my @ehplabs #beyondbcaas in my favorite (pineapple) to help me not be sooo sore the next few days. use katya10 for a discount! -- wearing @aloyoga -- TAG YOUR WORKOUT PARTNER