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"In highschool, teachers were like " There's 30 seconds of class left, sit down!" And now that I'm in college profs are like "There's 15 minutes left, but I'm done so you can leave" its a nice change"

Bullying – O que posso fazer?

WHAT IS PROF. ENO IKPE DOING AS COMMISSIONER? By Ofonime Honesty Realizing the need to work with a team of core professionals and trusted persons Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State in his wisdom decided to reshuffle his executive council. The overhaul led to the yanking off and/or merging of some Ministries Bureaus and Boards. Also some dramatis personae had to relinquish positions. In came thorough bred Akwa Ibom sons and daughters in whom the governor is well pleased…

Depois da Vera (trissomia 21) e do Tiago (paralisia cerebral), entre outros, há novos protagonistas das histórias Meninos Especiais, em três livros que a Associação Pais-em-Rede acaba de lançar, com o apoio da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. Um deles é Alexandre, o Ágil, que conta a história de uma criança real – como todas aquelas em …

The Wisconsin Idea is the policy developed in the U.S. state of Wisconsin that fosters public universities' contributions to the state: "to the government in the forms of serving in office, offering advice about public policy, providing information and exercising technical skill, and to the citizens in the forms of doing research directed at solving problems that are important to the state and conducting outreach activities".[1] A second facet of the philosophy is the effort &qu...

Foram eleitos recentemente os Órgãos Sociais do INDEG-ISCTE para o quadriénio 2017-20. A Comissão Executiva passou a ter como Presidente o Prof. Paulo Bento e como Vogais os Profs. Marcio Amaral Nelson António Rogério Serrasqueiro e Susana Marques.

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Many people are unpleasantly surprised when they hear recordings of themselves: Do we really sound like that?

HAHA YES young college profs doing it right

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