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Sandálias com folha de ouro (Tutancâmon)

Panel from the back of Tutankhamun's golden throne, discovered in his tomb in the Valley of the Kings

Mostra reúne arte egípcia nos EUA - 15/01/2017 - Ciencia - Fotografia - Folha de S.Paulo

Máscara mortuária do rei Psusennes 1º, que governou durante a 21ª dinastia.

Sarcophagi of the Amun Priestess Takait, Egypt, 13th century A.C.

Bab el Luk, Cairo, Egypt.

King Tutankhamun's chariot (not a replica) at the Cairo Museum

Part of a en:menat (a type of ritual necklace) depicting Haries Standing in front of the goddess Sehkmet, flanked by the gods Wadjet and Nekhbet (symbols of lower and upper Egypt respectively) Ca 870 BC Image taken at the Atles Museum,Berlin

Ancient Egyptian sandals made of wood with leather bark and gold embellishments

Scarab Bracelet Excavated from the Tomb of King Tutankhamun -- Circa 1323 BCE -- Gold, lapis lazuli, turquoise, cornelian & quartz -- Image from a Tutankhamen Exhibition: The small circumference of this bracelet suggests that it was made for Tutankhamun when he was a child. Belonging to the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo.

Tutankhamun's Ankh Mirror . EGYPT